Our company was founded by Larry Graham in 1987 starting in his residential garage. Quickly, he found the need for a larger commercial space in Tempe, AZ and four years later outgrew that to purchase our first building in Mesa, AZ. Over the next two decades, we’ve expanded into two adjacent buildings completing our primary 3 building footprint. Recently we’ve also purchased an offsite warehouse for additional space.

We are fully equiped to produce all the latest sign technology including LED Signs (which help save the environment with much lower power consumption).

Since ‘Neon’ and ‘Neon Collectibles’ are some of the founder’s passions, we also maintain one of the last operating neon plants in the Phoenix Valley. Larry personally hosts field trips from Arizona State University’s neon art classes when they venture into the commercial use of neon. We find ourselves to be the ‘GO TO’ answer people for local electricians when they’re stumped upon finding neon to deal with instead of newer low voltage lighting. Larry Graham is active daily on the internet based FAQ sites in a mission to preserve a diminishing media. We still fabricate & repair neon that is shipped across the country.

Over the past years, we’ve expanded our services to become a complete sign shop. Our designers create any kind of custom neon signage we are asked for. We also design, fabricate & install all types of exterior signage. Our design team creates the visual identity concepts required for anything from start-up companies to our expanding clientele’s needs, whether it be truck lettering, pan channel letters or a monument signage. We also maintain a large partner list of companies that we receive, inspect & install Corporate ID Systems for national accounts.

If you need any type of sign permitted, fabricated or installed by people who truly care about your business, Give Us a Call.