About Us

In our current location, we have a 2,500 square foot showroom, 2,500 square foot neon manufacturing facility and 1,800 square foot metal shop. We continue to grow further to provide sign and lighting services.

Our work has been shipped all over the US and abroad.

We have made many friends since starting the company; I remember taking care of a lady, repairing various different signs for her second-hand store. I received a phone call from her husband, of the Mesa Preservation Foundation, stating that the 80 foot diving lady neon sign, that Paul Millet (My mentor) built in 1958, has blown over and is completely smashed up, can you fix it? We are currently working to restore this historic sign. You can search the internet for “Grahams Neon Diving lady” to see the progress.

Our sales team is led by Ken Brands; he is honest and focuses on getting things done in a timely manner.

As always there is one guy at the shop that has his hands in everything sales, neon production, metal layout, design, vinyl and taking care of customers. Brian gets it done.

As neon signs come into the shop, 5-6 signs a day, our in house tech, Larry is always on the ball. We also fix neon clocks, moving signs, florescent signs and beer signs.

Our neon plant was built for six tube benders; since the LED’s came into the scene we now have one full time tube bender, Ernesto.

Our Neon manifold was designed by Mike Wheeler and Larry Graham; since the concept was correctly engineered this manifold design is being used all over the world.

Our glass stock is the largest in Arizona; we have glass that has not been made for over 50 years.

We have made neon for the movie industry; the most famous film was Eight Legged Freaks, staring David Arquette.